Naked is as naKed does

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, in a town far far away from anywhere I want to be, there was a radio DJ who made a bet while on the air, promising that if he lost, he would walk naked through the center of town. And when he lost the bet, he lived up to his word. He found a dog named Naked and took him for a walk through town; thus, indeed, walking Naked.

It was simple trickery.

Twenty200 is my website.
It's my code.
And my design.
My goal was for there to be no trickery here.

This was my attempt at creating digital nudity. By implementing as little design as possible, I wanted there to be nothing to shape your opinion of the content other than the quality of content itself.

Walk nude, and people won't need to undress you with their eyes.
- Anonymous

...With that in mind...
Welcome you to my little corner of the web.
Thanks for dropping by.