A Thousand Words
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Hi, I'm Rob. I take pictures, and I write, but I am neither a writer nor a photographer. These are merely hobbies. They're my creative outlets. I learned a long time ago that it's better to tinker with creative outlets than electrical outlets. I am also, obviously, not an electrician. I live in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon, and that's where the vast majority of the pictures on this site were taken.

The Photos:

I'm a minimalist street photographer. Some people refer to this style as Urban Fragments. Instead of shooting people and scenes, I capture details: stripes, patterns, textures, inanimate urbanites... and... other stuff. My main camera these days is an Olympus Pen F. I'm a big fan of Olympus cameras as well as the whole Micro Four Thirds system. Great glass. Small gear. Lots of yay.

The Photo Titles:

The titles I use for my photos may or may not have obvious relationships with the photos themselves, and they usually have no connection to what's going on in my life. In other words, they're not autobiographical. I tend to imagine a photo as its own little world, and I wonder who's in there. What's that imaginary person thinking, or feeling? That's how I come up with titles. I realize it might not make sense to you, but it works for me.

The Thousand Words:

Everything I've posted on the "A Thousand Words" part of this site is writing I decided to share for the sake of sharing it. There's no rhyme or reason, though there may be a rhyme from time to time, but that's beside the point. Let's pretend it's all fiction, because some of it is.

The backend:

Is it crass to admit that I enjoy a nice backend? Aw yeah! Sadly, this site doesn't have a nice backend. I coded Twenty200 by hand. The "photos" half of the site uses a mixture of jQuery/JSON/CSS, an inevetable amount of B.S. and various other acronyms that work together to pull images and corresponding info from my flickr account to display here.