A Thousand Words
Public Nudity

Naked Is As Naked Does

A radio DJ makes a bet while on the air, promising that if he loses, he will walk naked through the center of town. When he inevitably does lose the bet, he lives up to his words. The DJ takes a dog named Naked for a stroll through the center of town; thus, walking Naked.

It's simple trickery.

My goal with twenty200 is for there to be no trickery here.

This site's design was created in an attempt at implementing as minimal of a design as possible, leaving nothing to shape one's opinion of the content other than the quality of content itself. It was an attempt at designing digital nudity, so to speak.

"Walk Nude, and people won't need to undress you with their eyes."
- anonymous

And that's where my attempt at digital nudity failed.

Nudity is a curious thing. It isn't just about the view. It's about the experience. Sure, a man will say that he'd love to see a woman naked, but really, he wants to be the one to disrobe her. And share himself with her. And enjoy her while she enjoys him.

Nudity plus fun equals a hell of a lot better of an experience than nudity by itself.

With that in mind, I created the design of this site as you see it now. It's dead simple, mostly minimal and nearly naked, but hopefully also fun to browse.

Welcome to twenty200.
I hope you enjoy your stay.