A Thousand Words
Public Nudity

To Pass Along

he meets women in the bars
then he fucks them in their cars
says it's written in the stars
but it smacks of hell not heaven

well, her past looks like a trough
at the good men she did scoff
she gets tied up to get off
here comes mister fifty seven

he does what he knows
she knows who she is
they are what they leave behind

though they said it wasn't good enough
and they knew it wasn't good enough
yet somehow it's still good enough
to pass along

old problems will linger
old patterns will linger
then new hearts will linger
from pain the others knew
and pain the others shared
and pain the others left behind
to pass along

now he goes to clubs not bars
and her makeup hides the scars
oh, their problems could be ours
should we keep our place in line

when in Rome we do as Roman
but it all felt like an omen
when I kissed the Oklahoman
no, her winds, they won't be mine

to pass along